10th Anniversary Festival Rescheduled: Sept 4-5, 2021

As we in our local and national community contend with the extraordinary set of circumstances from the social upheaval engulfing the country and the unrelenting coronavirus pandemic, the decision has been made to postpone the 10th Annual John Coltrane International Jazz and Blues Festival. We spent a lot of hours considering how we would present the festival in a way that would protect you, our festival attendees, as well as our staff, volunteers, vendors, sponsors and performing artists. It was difficult for us to consider holding an event on the scale of the Coltrane Jazzfest and maintain the necessary social distancing protocols. We determined our best option was to postpone the 10th anniversary of the John Coltrane International Jazz and Blues Festival until Sept. 4-5, 2021.

We send condolences to the family of George Floyd and the many other families who mourn the senseless death of their loved ones. We also send our condolences to all in our community who have lost loved ones to COVID-19. In addition, we want to thank all the front line workers who put their lives on the line each day in the fight against the virus and those who deliver vitally needed services to us each day.

Even though the festival will not take place this year, we will continue with the essay driven Student Instrument Contest where young people enrolled in North Carolina middle and high schools have a chance to win a new instrument. Thank you to our outstanding sponsors who have supported our efforts throughout the years and allow us to proceed with the contest. We think it is so important that while at home our young people continue to develop their music skills. Our hope is that we will encourage students to practice at home by providing new instruments to some who are in need. We also hope to nurture our young musicians who will grow up and create songs that help future generations find catharsis during difficult times through the universal blessing of music.

The John Coltrane International Jazz and Blues Festival welcomes all races and ethnicities to participate in an event that honors the legacy of John Coltrane and when held, generates an atmosphere of collective peace and good will induced by the connective power of music to emotionally heal and unify.

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