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The John Coltrane International Jazz & Blues Festival

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John Coltrane: A Jazz Icon’s Legacy of Innovation and Influence

John Coltrane, often referred to simply as "Trane," was a remarkable jazz saxophonist, composer and music innovator whose influence on the world of music remains profound to this day. Born in 1926 in Hamlet, North Carolina, and passing away tragically young at the age...

2019 Recap

2018 Recap

Honoring A Musical Trailblazer: Alice Coltrane

Honoring A Musical Trailblazer: Alice Coltrane

In the realm of jazz history, certain names shine with an irreplaceable brilliance, and today, we take a moment to remember and honor one such luminary - Alice Coltrane. A virtuoso in every sense, Alice Coltrane's multifaceted talent encompassed jazz piano, organ,...

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Music, Mental Health and Well Being

Music, Mental Health and Well Being

With society emerging from the COVID 19 pandemic, the focus on mental health and well being has increased as people are forced to confront the effects of isolation, grief, health challenges and coping with the stress of post-pandemic realities, such as high prices,...

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