Spanish Harlem Orchestra

Spanish Harlem Orchestra (SHO)  is the three-time Grammy Award winning and five-time Grammy nominated Salsa and Latin Jazz band. The 13-piece ensemble celebrated their third win at this year’s award ceremony when they won in the category of Best Tropical Latin Album for the 2018 release, ANNIVERSARY. SHO will perform on Saturday, Aug. 31, 2019, the first day of the John Coltrane International Jazz and Blues Festival.  

Now celebrating their 15th year, SHO is dedicated to the sounds of the barrio (Spanish Harlem NYC). They set the standard for excellence in authentic, New York style, hard core salsa.  Their music is characterized by the raw, organic and vintage sound defined by the genre. Led by pianist Oscar Hernandez, the members of the SHO are: George Delgado, congas; Luisito Quintero, timbales; George Gonzalez, percussion; Gerardo “Jerry” Madera, bass; Mitch Frohman, saxophone/flute; Reynaldo Jorge, trombone; Hector Colón, trumpet, Manuel “Maneco” Luis, trumpet and vocalists: Jeremy Bosch, Marco Bermudez, Carlos Cascante.

Their first Grammy win came in 2004 with their follow-up album, ACROSS 110TH STREET, a reference to Harlem’s southern boundary. Featuring Ruben Blades as guest artist, the combination proved to be explosive and featured Blades singing in the style of salsa dura that many of his fans longed to hear.

Released in 2007, UNITED WE SWING earned yet another Grammy nomination. The album features Paul Simon as special guest singing a burning rendition of his hit “Late in The Evening” – SHO style. Their second Grammy winning album, VIVA LA TRADICION, was released in 2010. The 2015 self-titled release SPANISH HARLEM ORCHESTRA featured jazz legends Chick Corea and Joe Lovano, and their most recent release ANNIVERSARY features trumpet great Randy Brecker.

SHO is on a mission to keep the musical legacy of salsa dura (hard salsa) alive and expand its audience to those who love great music, not just Latin music. Grounded in the past, while focused on the future, they strive to keep the music relevant, creating a unique and fresh approach.

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